April 12, 2024


Welcome to the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association (IHETLA). As an esteemed organization, IHETLA is dedicated to enhancing the quality of teaching and learning in higher education institutions around the world. Our mission is to foster collaboration, share best practices, and provide professional development opportunities for educators and administrators in the international higher education community.

The Importance of International Higher Education

In today’s globalized world, international higher education plays a vital role in shaping the future of education. It provides students with a unique opportunity to gain a global perspective, develop cross-cultural competencies, and engage in diverse learning environments. By promoting international collaboration and exchange, IHETLA aims to contribute to the development of well-rounded graduates who are prepared to tackle the challenges of the 21st century.

Benefits of Joining IHETLA

By becoming a member of IHETLA, educators and administrators gain access to a wealth of resources and benefits. These include networking opportunities with like-minded professionals, access to cutting-edge research and publications, and the chance to participate in conferences and workshops. Membership also allows individuals to contribute to the advancement of international higher education by sharing their expertise and experiences with the broader community.

Promoting Excellence in Teaching and Learning

IHETLA is committed to promoting excellence in teaching and learning practices. Through our various initiatives, we strive to recognize and celebrate outstanding educators who have made significant contributions to the field. This includes honoring innovative teaching methods, impactful research, and transformative educational practices that have positively impacted students’ lives.

Professional Development Opportunities

At IHETLA, we understand the importance of continuous professional development for educators and administrators. We offer a range of professional development opportunities, including workshops, webinars, and online courses, to support our members in their quest for ongoing growth and improvement. These opportunities cover a wide range of topics, including pedagogy, assessment, technology integration, and intercultural competence.

Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

IHETLA believes in the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing. We provide a platform for educators and administrators to connect, exchange ideas, and collaborate on research projects and initiatives. By fostering a community of practice, IHETLA encourages the sharing of best practices, lessons learned, and innovative approaches to teaching and learning in the international higher education landscape.

Advocacy and Policy Development

IHETLA is actively engaged in advocating for policies that promote the advancement of international higher education. We collaborate with policymakers, government agencies, and other stakeholders to ensure that the needs and interests of international educators and students are represented. Through our advocacy efforts, we aim to create an enabling environment that supports the growth and development of international higher education institutions.

International Collaboration and Partnerships

IHETLA believes in the power of collaboration and partnerships. We actively seek opportunities to collaborate with other international organizations, institutions, and associations to advance the field of international higher education. By working together, we can leverage our collective expertise and resources to address common challenges and create innovative solutions that benefit the entire international higher education community.

Recognition and Awards

As part of our commitment to celebrating excellence in teaching and learning, IHETLA offers a range of recognition and awards programs. These programs aim to acknowledge individuals and institutions that have demonstrated exceptional achievements in the field of international higher education. By recognizing and showcasing these achievements, IHETLA aims to inspire others and promote a culture of excellence in teaching and learning.


The International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association (IHETLA) is at the forefront of promoting excellence in teaching and learning in the international higher education community. Through our various initiatives, professional development opportunities, advocacy efforts, and recognition programs, we strive to create a vibrant and inclusive community of educators and administrators who are dedicated to providing high-quality education to students around the world. Join IHETLA today and be part of a global movement to transform higher education.